In Loving Memory Of Joe Phipps (£100 CASH COMP)

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Winner is: Christine Boulton

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Congratulations Christine Boulton


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All entries here will be gifted directly to Joe’s family, to help in any way that is required at this difficult time. Please play generously because as you can imagine, times like these are inexplainable and emotional beyond words. All love and support from those around Joe will be greatly appreciated and all entries to this competition will be mentioned on the draw date. Thank you so much


As written by his Sister, Georgia Tranter:

On Monday 18th March the world lost a shining light, after battling with mental health for a long time my brother Joe heartbreakingly took his own life.
Those who knew Joe can testify to how sweet, kindhearted, loveable and full of character he was.
For those who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him I would like to tell you about my brother…….over the 23 years of his life he saw a few hardships but despite this, he was the life and soul of the room. You couldn’t be in a room with Joe and not know it. From bouncing through the door to cracking jokes, trying to wrestle everyone and making silly noises just to put a smile on other peoples faces. I’m sure his many friends could share endless tales & stories of the antics they’ve got up to over the years.
Above all Joe, was a family man. He adored his whole family, his son Harrison, his partner Amy who was the love of his life, his step children Charlie & Riegan who he cherished, his parents Nadine, Andy & Maxine, his other sister Abby, his grandparents Janet & Arthur, Mary & Gordon, his aunts and uncles Shayna & Lee, Carol & Andrew and his cousins Matthew & Beth, Ellie & April (who he loved to wrestle with as kids). The list could go on and on and we are all truly lost and heartbroken without him. There’s a big hole in our lives that only Joe and his big feet and cheesy grin could fill.
I know if he could see the outpouring of love we as a family have already received he would be lost for words. He was truly loved by so many.
Mental health awareness, especially in men, is not spoken enough about. For those who are going through a hard time or have been effected by my brothers passing please reach out. To friends, to family, anyone, you’re not alone.
We have created this page to raise money to help cover the costs of his funeral. Any funds left over will be put in trust for his son Harrison.
Closer to the time we will share all the details of his funeral service for those wishing to attend and say their fair wells
We love you Joe