DUCK RACE (29-02-2024)

£2.00 Per Ticket

Please be patient. We are picking winners!

Congratulations (Jenny Line, Dawn Sheward, Scott Finaly, Shelley Sprason, Heather Batham, Joanne Cooper, Dan Brain, Mandy Goodell and Stacey Sheward)


About This Competition

It’s a race to see who’s duck will win and cross the finish line first… second, and third!

1st place = £50

2nd place = £25

3rd place = £10

There are three rounds so you could technically win £150 if you get 1st three times in a row!!

Not to mention… if you buy multiple tickets (ducks), you can also finish in 2nd and 3rd too!


To note: It doesn’t matter if there are only 2 players, or 1000, the game will commence at the draw date/time