DUCK RACE! (22-03-2024)

£2.00 Per Ticket


  1. heather
    Ticket number: 47
    Answer: Water
  2. mardaveboy
    Ticket number: 32
    Answer: Water
  3. heather
    Ticket number: 44
    Answer: Water
  4. scottieslandscapemaintenance
    Ticket number: 86
    Answer: Water

Congratulations Stacey Sheward, Sharon Ross,Aaron Spiers, Ann-Marie Ward, Heather Batham and Gary Scott


About This Competition

It’s a race to see who’s duck will win and cross the finish line first… second, and third!

1st place = £50

2nd place = £25

3rd place = £10

There are three rounds so you could technically win £150 if you get 1st three times in a row!!

Not to mention… if you buy multiple tickets (ducks), you can also finish in 2nd and 3rd too!


To note: It doesn’t matter if there are only 2 players, or 1000, the game will commence at the draw date/time