£5 DICING (12/02/2024)

£5.00 Per Ticket

Winner is: Shelley Sprason

Ticket number: 32 Answer: You triple your money

Congratulations Shelley Sprason


About This Competition


A dice will be rolled for each person who has purchased a ticket. The number range will be from 1-100. If you roll a 65-99 you will DOUBLE your entry ticket value, if you roll 100 you will TRIPLE it, but if you roll between 1-64 – YOU LOSE!

Everyone has the same opportunity and chance to win, this is not a competition where you are competing against other players to find the winning ticket… instead, you are competing against Wez, to make sure that you roll a number 65 or higher!

The game will continue to be played even if there is only 1 ticket purchased, and the number of dice rolled will correspond to the amount of people that have entered.

The dice numbers recorded after the roll will be read in order from top to bottom, this will relate directly to the entry ticket numbers assigned to the players that have entered. The players’ entry ticket numbers will be placed in descending order, therefore, ticket number 1 will relate directly to the 1st dice rolled. Just like the person that has entry ticket number 10, would be assigned the 10th dice.